Natural dye is something I've been practicing, both alone and with friends, and it's affected me in ways I could never imagine. It’s fun, interesting and peaceful, and I've been finding new ways to showcase my creations. And that's why I've turned this passion project of mind into creative workshops and home goods that I can share with women of all ages. When you dye these fabrics alone, its meditative. When done with others, it's uplifting. The more you play, the cooler the results. Failure doesn't exist. Every piece I've seen has been beautiful, and there are so many more to make.

To find out about upcoming workshops follow me at @millroad.studio or get in touch to schedule your event




Our process begins before we even step foot into the studio. We begin by getting ourselves grounded and pay homage to the teachers and makers before us. We then work with the very best materials we can get our hands on, forage for almost all of our dyestuff and partner with the most skilled of artisans.

All of our textiles are made by hand in a labor-intensive process that allows nature to be our guide. It takes multiple days to prepare and make a single yard of fabric. The end result is a one-of-a-kind product where you can feel the plant that dyed them, the hand that made them. Unique markings on our goods show our makers’ touch and the wear of time, making each piece unique with its own story to tell. They offer a beauty that is tactile and is to be celebrated.

We believe there’s something special about that.