The Heather Pillow, acorns, oak galls + chestnut bark

The Heather Pillow, acorns, oak galls + chestnut bark

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The Heather pillow is a combination of dyes made from acorn, oak galls and chestnut bark. Its vintage linen has a warm, earthy feel with a lot of texture.

Oak galls have been used for centuries to make ink. It is said some Native American tribes used poultices of ground gall nuts on sores, cuts and burns. Oak galls form after a certain type of wasp lay their eggs in an oak tree. The gall is the tree’s response to the larva. Acorns are a token of nature’s alchemical magic: a tiny, hardened nut transforms into a tall, wizened tree. Along with their progenitor, the oak tree, acorns have long been revered as a resource, with a rich history in mythologies around the world. Chestnut trees grow in many parts of the world and are a great source of tannin. They dye a warm brown colour. 


  • Available in 18 x 18, contact for custom sizes.

  • Pillows are made from vintage European linen

  • Dyed and sewn in Marin County, California

  • Available with or without hypoallergenic down alternative insert

  • Your pillows will be dyed and sewn to order, expect a 2-3 week lead time.

  • Because each plant produces variations of color at different times of the season, each product is going to have a slight variation and that’s what makes it so special. 

  • Unique markings allow you to see the maker’s touch. Enjoy them.

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  • Natural dyes get better with age, some lightening will occur with more sun exposure.

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