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Millroad Studio is a full service interior design firm creating thoughtful, elevated homes for busy families in the Bay Area and beyond. We collaborate with you to create spaces that are deeply personal and intentional. Our work has kindly been featured in publications such as Rue Magazine, Elle Decor, Forbes and Homes & Gardens. 

At Millroad Studio, we make bespoke homes for adventurous, creative families.

Homes that are intentional, authentic and driven by personal style. Spaces that are truly designed to be lived in, that tell your story and that offer inspiration and nourishment to you. We work with families that want laid- back living, those who prioritize ease over elegance, good vibes over any sort of grand vision. Those who have the courage to go their own way. Those who are confident in their decisions and find magic in life’s little imperfections. We use a mix of modern, clean lines, natural elements, artisan details and have an obsessive attention to detail.

We offer full design services. And we believe the process is as important as the end product. We work diligently to ensure it’s a smooth ride, all the while knowing that there will be bumps along the way. We live for repeat clients and referrals. That’s how this studio was built.

Millroad Studio_Full Service Interior Design_San Francisco Bay Area

Principal Designer

Lisa Tornello

We feel incredibly lucky to be a conduit to our client’s stories and values.  We create homes that don’t just look good but feel good.  We care about the backstories of how products are made and their impact on our planet.  We want to use real, natural materials as much as possible and support artisans who preserve classic techniques.  We create timeless, soulful homes that are made for living in.

Lisa Tornello_Millroad Studio Principal Interior Designer
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