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Good design starts with the person and place they reside. Our goal is to create homes that are aligned with your story and values, that are both familiar and innovative, to you. Balancing both beauty and function, we create homes that stand the test of time.

We believe in paying homage to the existing structure and its history. We're thoughtful with our selections while modernizing where needed.  We believe in quality over quantity, and products with elevated simplicity.  Most of all, we want to create a home that resonates with you, that honors your family, one that is your sanctuary.

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Full Service New Build |
Extensive Remodel

These are our ideal projects.  A complete package in home renovation, furnishings and styling. We work closely as a team with your builder and architect to ensure the exterior and interior design are cohesive and of one narrative. Our team works together to design all interior spaces, selecting all interior finishes from head to toe. We also oversee furniture design, accessorizing and art selection.  We are your advocate from concept to creation in a process oriented way that helps to take away some of the stress for busy families.

  • Construction Sets

  • Elevations

  • Renderings

  • Project Management

  • Budget Development

  • Furniture Plans

  • Material Sourcing

Timeline: 1-2 years pending scope of project

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Kitchen Remodel Interior Design Marin County, Bay Area
Full Service Furnishing_Millroad Studio_Bay Area

Full Service Furnishings

We love working with homeowners who just purchased a new home, or recently finished a renovation and still need to style and furnish. These projects are great for our second home owners, or for clients who have a great interior but need a full home of furniture and decor.  We create a full service plan from creation to installation.

  • Custom Furniture Creation

  • Elevations

  • Procurement

  • Styling

  • Furniture Plans  

Timeline: 9-12 months pending scope of project and lead times

1:1 Studio Sessions

Studio Sessions are the ideal solution for those seeking personalized advice and guidance from Millroad Studio on a smaller scale project. Whether you are remodeling a bathroom, updating a kitchen or craving a cozy living room, these sessions will leave you feeling more prepared to complete your project. We invite you to our studio to touch and feel fabric, hardwood, and tile samples, fan through our paint decks, and leave with an actionable plan for your new space.

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