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Our Studio

At Millroad Studio, we make bespoke homes for adventurous, creative families. Homes that are intentional, authentic and driven by personal style. Spaces that are truly designed to be lived in, that tell your story and that offer inspiration and nourishment to you. 

Millroad Studio_Full Service Interior Design San Francisco
Lisa Tornello_Millroad Studio_Full Service Interior Design_San Francisco

Lisa Tornello

Born & raised in Marin County, Lisa creates spaces that are aligned with her client's values and personal stories.  She utilizes her former career in communications, technology and entertainment to help shape the homes she works on. She leads teams that are collaborative, transformative and high performing.  Inspired by the California lifestyle and its dramatic, diverse landscapes, her interiors are further informed by her travels and endless curiosity.

Meet The Team

Laura Harrison, Project Manager
Gabriella Kala, Designer

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